COVID-19 Updates

In an effort to ensure the safety of our staff and clients, we are utilizing low-contact service to all our clients for all pet care needs.

Clients and pets are allowed into our exam rooms for appointments with these restrictions:

  • A maximum of two clients are allowed in an exam room.
  • Face masks are optional.
  • Maintain social distancing throughout your visit.
  • Our staff will transfer your pet from your leash to ours. Cats must be in carriers.
  • All exams, tests, treatment, and vaccinations will be done in our treatment area, rather than in an exam room with the owner, in order to minimize people-crowding as pets tend to snuggle against owners.
  • Payment is by credit or debit card.

Prescription/diet refills are now being picked up inside our building at our reception desk. As always, please give us 24 business-hours for refills; we will notify you when your medication is ready for pick-up.