Do Pets Go To Heaven?

I’ve shared lots of tears and hugs this past year with friends/clients as they’ve lost beloved pets to old age or unrelenting illness. Most of these deaths have been via euthanasia.

Putting a pet to sleep is a difficult decision for owners, and it proceeds a great deal of soul-searching. I counsel a lot on end-of-life issues, and I’ll be honest–euthanasia is gut-wrenching for me (and most vets). Folks ask me questions like: When is it time? Am I making the right decision?, What’s the process? Is my pet suffering? 

Then there’s the big question, Is this truly the end for this precious soul I love? Will my pet go to Heaven? 

Here’s what I say and I believe with all my heart: Our pets go to Heaven! Death is not their end, but their beginning. Here’s what I know:

Plain and simple, I believe God is real. From this point, I believe, God has great concern and care for animals. We see this in the Bible in the book of Genesis (Chapter 2) when God brings the animals to Adam to be individually named, and in Genesis (Chapters 6 and 7) when God preserves Noah, his family, and all the animals from the flood.

Too, Romans (Chapter 8), Ephesians (Chapter 1), and Revelation (Chapter 21) tell us that all of creation is looking forward to the close of this age when God will create a New Heaven and a New Earth. The New Earth is a God-fashioning of what already is, similar to how an oak is the same but different from an acorn. In the same way, the Bible says, God will take the Earth and re-create it–animals and plants included! What good news! Our pets will be in Heaven!

Heaven and pets is a big topic. If you want more info, Pastor Steve Bezner at Houston Northwest Church has a great video:

Pets and Heaven

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