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Pet Dental Hygiene & Oral Care

Is My Pet’s Bad Breath Normal? Although we are used to hearing the phrase “dog breath”, it is not normal for a pet’s breath to be stinky. Just like humans, a dog’s dental hygiene can be a sign that other diseases are present. Poor hygiene and bad breath could potentially lead to

indoor and outdoor safety tips for dogs and cats

Best Pet Safety Practices

Pet safety is one of the most important aspects of being a pet owner. It is an integral part of keeping you and your pet happy and healthy. When first adopting a new pet, it is critical to research the best pet safety practices. Doing this before your adoption period is an even better way

Why Spay?

Why Should I Have My Dog Spayed? Spaying should be considered if you are keeping any female dog as a pet. It is the easiest, fastest, least stressful, and least expensive way to prevent unplanned litters and unwanted behaviors. What Are the Advantages of Spaying My Dog?

Do Pets Go To Heaven?

I’ve shared lots of tears and hugs this past year with friends/clients as they’ve lost beloved pets to old age or unrelenting illness. Most of these deaths have been via euthanasia. Putting a pet to sleep is a

How To Get Rid of Fleas in 2 Steps

Are you losing an epic battle with fleas? Although there are over 2000 flea species in the world, 99.9% of the fleas on our pets are the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis. Fleas are a terrible nuisance, but they also cause serious health issues in pets and people which is why a great Two-Step flea control program