December is National Cat Lovers Month!

Cat Lovers month

To know a cat is to know purr joy—that’s why we are so excited that December is National Cat Lovers Month! Whether you have a cat in your life or just appreciate how meowvelous cats are, there are many excellent ways to celebrate. Consider Adopting A Cat  Cats are one of the most

what to know about adopting a cat

5 Tips for Adopting a Cat

June is “Adopt a Cat” month, and you might decide this is the ideal time to find yourself a feline companion. If you’re a first-time cat owner, you need to be prepared for the amount of energy and love a cat brings into your home. They may be small, but they’re mighty and their personalities

Quick FAQ’s on Vet Care for Cats

Cats are like babies–they require care and feeding on a regular basis. Some of that “care” includes vaccinations, parasite prevention, and disease screening.  There’s a lot of confusing information on vet care for cats. so here’s our super simple “who/what/when” primer we use with cats and kittens in our hospital. It includes the basic services/medications each

The Cost of Declawing

I’m frequently asked how much it costs to declaw a cat. I think the better question is: how much will it cost my cat to be declawed? Because declawing is not a benign procedure, and it can cause serious long-term consequences. So, let’s unwrap the declawing issue… Why Do Cats Scratch on

Why Your Cat Pees Outside the Litter Box and 4 Ways to Stop It

Few things are as frustrating as when your cat eliminates outside the litter box–peeing, pooping, or spraying in unwanted areas. Such inappropriate elimination can have multiple causes including medical issues, litter box aversion, and stress, and the root cause must be quickly addressed. The fact is, cats are creatures of habit, and the longer they eliminate

What You Need to Know About Cat Vaccinations

As a cat-owner you know the saying, A Dog has a Master, but a Cat has a Staff. The reality of “owning” a cat is the wee-one in fur doles out bits of love and Instagram moments in response to our endless hours of feeding, sheltering, and caring for His or Her Majesty. But, the truth is